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Dynamic IFRAME Resizing

Posted by Daman Dang on June 9, 2008

IFRAMEs are generally not considered a good idea to use but sometimes it really helps. But resizing an IFRAME as per the content is a big issue and I found a piece of code after some search which can resolve this issue.

In the head of your document enter the following JavaScript code:

<script language=”JavaScript”>
function calcHeight()
//find the height of the internal page
var the_height=

//change the height of the iframe

and in the body create the iframe tag:

This will create an IFRAME of width=700 and the height will depend on the content it stores.

Reference: Guymal Code


2 Responses to “Dynamic IFRAME Resizing”

  1. john said

    this doesn’t work.

  2. Daman Dang said

    I have myself used it couple of times so I can bet it works. There must be some other issue. Make sure you are using the same IFRAME ID in both pieces of the code.

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